The COVID-19 pandemic has created unprecedented challenges and evidence remains poor regarding how it will impact our patients, particularly those who are immunosuppressed.

We wish to highlight to IAD members the SECURE-AD and SECURE-Alopecia global patient registries (SurveillanceEpidemiology of Coronavirus Under Research Exclusion). These two physician entered registries, along with the patient facing SECURE-AD Patient Survey, make up the SECURE-DERM project, an international web based platform that aims to collect observational data on the outcomes of COVID-19 in atopic dermatitis (AD) and alopecia patients.

This initiative has been led by an Irish company NISR (National and International Skin Registry solutions, a registered charity RCN 20205667), which was established in 2015 to create high quality dermatology patient registries. NISR specialises in developing secure patient registries that simplify and optimise data collection, allowing for a streamlined user experience. Through the combined expertise of the board members, the SECURE-DERM registries have been rapidly generated and implemented in response to the pandemic. NISR, in conjunction with international dermatology steering committees, has successfully received endorsements from the AAD, BAD, EADV, ESDR, EDF and ILDS, as well as numerous international sub-specialty groups for theSECURE-DERM registries.

SECURE Alopecia plain language information

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