Past Officers

Prior to May 1965, the Southern and Northern members of the IAD met on an informal basis for discussion of clinical cases. This proved to be a success. The leading members decided then to formalise this by forming a joint association. This was held in Dublin in May 1965. The inaugural members included all the practising dermatologists in both parts of the Island.


1965/7    Dr. R. Hall , Belfast,

1967/9    Dr. D.O'C Donelan

1969/71  Dr. J.M. Beare

1971/3    Dr. D.M. Mitchell

1973/5    Dr. D.B. Buckley

1975/7    Dr. D. Burrows

1977/9     Dr. F.O.C. Meenam

1979/81   Dr. Agnese M.T. Kelly

1981/3     Dr. Count H. Viani

1983/5    Dr. Grace Allen

1985/7    Dr. Marjory Young

1987/9    Dr. Roddy Matthews

1989/91  Dr. David O'Gorman

1991/3    Dr. Rory Corbett

1993/5    Dr Sarah Rogers

1995/7    Dr. E.A. Bingham

1997-9    Dr. Fergus Lyons

1999-01  Dr. Clifford McMillan

2001-3    Dr Frank Powell

2003-5    Dr Raymond Fulton

2005-8    Dr Louise Barnes

2008-9    Dr. Hilary Jenkinson

2009-11   Dr. Gillian Murphy

2011-13   Dr. Pat Podmore

2013-15   Dr. Rosemarie Watson

2015-17   Dr. Kevin McKenna

2017-19   Dr. Trevor Markham

2019-22   Dr. Olivia Dolan

2022-24   Dr. David Alderdice

Present    Prof. Anne-Marie Tobin



Honorary Secretaries:

1990-92     Dr. Clifford McMillan

1992-94     Dr. Fergus Lyon

1994-96     Dr. Raymond Fulton

1996-98     Dr. Frank Powell

1998-2000 Dr. Hilary Jenkinson

2000-02     Dr. Louise Barnes

2002-04    Dr. Joe Dawson

2004-08    Dr Gillian Murphy

2008-10    Dr. Trevor Markham

2010-12    Dr. Olivia Dolan

2012-15    Dr. Colin Buckley

2015-18    Dr. Art O'Hagan

2018-20    Prof. Bart Ramsay

2020-22     Dr. Clare Devereux

2022-24     Prof. Anne-Marie Tobin

Present      Prof. Mary Laing


Honorary Treasurers:

2002-03    Dr. Louise Barnes

2003-05    Dr Clifford McMillan

2005-09    Dr Kevin McKenna

2009-11    Dr Rosemarie Watson

2011-13    Dr David Alderdice

2013-15    Dr Keith Armstrong

2015-17    Dr Gillian Gibson

2017-19     Dr Donal O'Kane

2019-21     Prof Pauline Marren

2021-23      Dr Julia Tolland

Present      Dr Sinead Collins