The Association shall be non-political and non-sectarian in character and the following shall be eligible for membership: -


Any doctor who currently holds specialist registration in dermatology with the Irish Medical Council (MC) or General Medical Council (GMC). Any doctor with a major interest in dermatopatholgy who has a specialist registration with the MC as a specialist in morbid anatomy and histopathology or the GMC as a specialist in histopathology.


Dermatologists or Members of other Specialist Societies who have made an outstanding contribution to the practice and study of dermatology, including those who are of international standing or have given life-long dedication to Irish dermatology.


Any doctor who currently holds a National Training Number in dermatology in Ireland or in the United Kingdom. A Trainee Member will automatically become an Ordinary Member on receiving the CCST and being included on the Specialist Registrar of the MC or GMC and/or being appointed to a consultant post in Ireland or in the United Kingdom.


Any doctor with a special interest in dermatology who works in a Dermatology Department in Ireland or in the United Kingdom under consultant supervision and who is not on the dermatology Specialist Register of the MC or GMC as long as they continue to work in the post.


Dermatologists living or working overseas who are interested in the work of the Association.


An ordinary member who retires from the full time practice of dermatology shall automatically become a Retired Member. 

1.7 The rights and liabilities attaching to any Members of the Association may be varied from time to time by a Special Resolution of the Association.

1.8 Ordinary and Honorary Members shall be entitled to vote at general meetings of the Association. Each Ordinary or Honorary Member shall have one vote. All other categories of members shall not be entitled to vote at general meetings but may attend.


Not less than three (3) months before a general meeting of the Association, any existing member may nominate a new member(s) of the Association in writing to the Secretary. Another member of the Association must second such nomination(s) and the nominee must have attended at least one of the Association's meetings in the past as either a visitor or a guest. The name of the candidate for membership, the membership category and a CV must be submitted together with a note of the grounds on which the recommendation is made. The Secretary shall send a list of nominated candidates to each member of the Association not less than one month before the general meeting at which the election of the new members is to take place. A new member must be elected if agreed by at least two-thirds of the voting members present at the general meeting